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Great news! Our private locations have been a hit with local photographers and families for their photoshoots. To ensure your session goes smoothly, and to avoid scheduling conflicts with our STAY Helper guests and other photographers we kindly ask that you book ahead of time to secure your preferred date and to receive our photography agreement. Please note that we do charge a small fee of just $20 per shoot for photographers (including hobby photographers) to help maintain the spaces for your picture perfect spot.  Thanks for supporting the work we do!  For commercial shoots and film production, please contact us to discuss your project and pricing.

What about selfies?

Whether you're popping by  alone, with your friends or family for a selfie please feel free to enjoy!  We ask that you tag us in your pictures to help us get the word out & so we can see the fun!  @stay.helper & @vintagemotorco.helper   Just remember to be respectful and mindful of any guests that may be staying.  Also, please do not climb on vehicles or move furniture!  Thanks!! 

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Photography Policy 

We cherish our unique locations and the effort that has gone into crafting them. To maintain the integrity of our spaces and ensure the enjoyment of all our guests, we kindly request that professional, hobby or commercial photography at our locations be arranged with prior approval.

If you plan to conduct a photoshoot at one of our locations, we ask that you schedule your session in advance. Any individuals arriving for a shoot without prior arrangement may be asked to leave.


Please note that absolutely no photography for retail purposes is permitted without a written agreement, fees are determined based on the specifics of your project.

We have invested significant time and resources into creating these exceptional spaces, and we kindly request that you respect this effort. If you wish to book an indoor space for boudoir shoots, lifestyle pictures, business branding, music videos, or other creative projects, written permission must be obtained.

Please be aware that our pricing structure for STAYS and photography or film projects are separate. We appreciate your cooperation and consideration in adhering to our policies. Thank you for helping us preserve the beauty and integrity of our locations for all to enjoy.






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