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Location Use 

Looking for a unique and historic location for your next creative project or event? Look no further than our STAY Helper properties! Our locations are available for private events, film production, professional photography, and commercial photography. Our properties have been featured on Ghost Adventures and Ride With Norman Reedus, and are sure to add a touch of character to your project. Contact Malarie DeVincent to schedule your booking today, or click the link below to book one of our event locations.






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Paranormal Investigations

Stay Helper, the proprietor of the renowned Kiva Club building, which gained notoriety through its feature on Ghost Adventures Season 22 Episode 6, "Carbon County Chaos," invites enthusiasts to delve deeper into the paranormal mysteries within. Interested parties can reach out to Malarie DeVincent to inquire about booking a thrilling investigation at this historic location or other haunted properties. Additionally, Stay Helper's properties have also been highlighted in KSL's Haunted City investigative report, adding another layer of intrigue to their allure.

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